Would You Rather? CRAZY EDITION


Today we are playing would you rather. You all know how would you rather work. Just what you rather do this. What would you rather do that.

Let’s bring on the best and the hardest would you rather questions.

Would you rather you chocolate pudding that tastes like shape or eat shit that tastes like chop?

I’d have to go to put in just because it’s like the pudding is still pudding. It may taste like poop but it’s still pudding. I rather go to pudding because that’s what any reasonable person. Would do in your mouth is still going to be put so I’d rather go for chocolate pudding. Anybody says they go with the poop just leave  and don’t ever come back because you just got to go.


Would you rather your daughter have no friends or would you rather your daughter be a slut?

If she had no friends she might be miserable but I feel like if she was a whore slut in school like he might be miserable. As well as my daughter and as a father I’d rather her not any friend. I don’t know so that’s a tough one. I’ll let me know what y’all do in the comment, which I rather have your daughter be a slut or hoe or have no friends that’s just a tough one.You don’t want your daughter to have no friends but you don’t want your daughter to be a hoe. She can be a host, she wanted me, she can’t have no friends, and she wants to so it’s just like you know I’m saying. What do you what would you do I don’t know what to do that’s a tough one.


Would you rather pee every time you stand up or poop every time you sit down?

If I pee every time I stand up and I poop every time I sit down, the only way I can really survive is if I just lay down because that’s like the gray area . Right? I can technically just lay down because that’s not really sitting down or standing up. So I’ll be cool when dudes see we can aim our P know every four like so can’t really aim your poop. I mean you could but i’ma go with the P every time. I stand up and I’m just lazy almost today so I could get through that.


Would you rather prefer a girl with big boobs or a girl a big ass?

I’m gonna put it like this boobs. Boobs are childish, boobs are unnecessary but boobs are like you sitting down for a full course meal, you know saying you got some salad you guys make that free meal you got your dinner like a steak whatever and inventive dessert. Boobs are like the salads like they’re just there the first thing you got and it’s like nobody really want that shit. what can I really do with this.


It’s taking me away from my real meal the real meal is ass. Ass is the meal and the dessert boobs are like you going on a date with your girl and she bring her friend as the third wheel. It’s like what are you here for? Go home! We don’t need you.  I’ve got everything I need right here why are you here? The but boobs serve no real purpose like what can you really do with some boobs?

Okay where do you do nothing honestly like I don’t dislike boobs but it’s like what can you really do a boob. Nothing any dude will say the same exact thing there’s nothing you can really do it boobs that is substantial,. Boobs are like the salad that you don’t want, so yeah I’m not going to go with the play that’s not the salad.


Would you rather eat a puke sandwich or drink a vomit milkshake?

I know the South nest but just hear me out. It’s your own pubes and a sandwich and it’s your own vomit in a milkshake them it makes it different, it makes it different because it’s not somebody else’s so the level of nastiness is still high. But it’s not too bad. It’s like you taking a shit and smelling your own chute it’s not as bad as you smell somebody else’s you feel insane. Honestly, I’m gonna have to pass on this. I should get at least one pass, so that’s my pack I can’t decide.


Would you rather eat a used tampon or eat a liter of diarrhea?

Liter is a big amount of shit. So I know this is nasty. I’m gonna have to go with the used tampon. Only because a liter of diarrhea is on a whole different level of this country. I use tampons, it’s discharged, its flow is blood. It’s all that but I think, I could do it like so I’m gonna keep that in one bite.

I might throw up on my god i’ma have to go to would you rather and by the way these questions aren’t questions I came up with these are questions that are on this cyclone rider calm.


Would you rather watch your parents having sex a thousand times or join in one?

I don’t know who the fuck came up with this question.


Would you rather get a couple of liquid maggots or whole raw chicken?

I’m have to go to logic, I mean Roger you can’t be that bad you know thick with some sriracha in that booze.


Would you rather have sandpaper hand or have no genitals?

I mean my hands already held a drive sometimes it’s basically like sandpaper inference. So I’m going to stamp and repent. I need one day, I need .Help saying I’ll be doing nothing with it.


Would you rather cut your eyelids off with scissors or pull your teeth out one by one with a wrench?

If you cut your eyelids off anything you can throw your eyelids back. I think I’d rather pull my teeth out one by one. I know it would hurt like a bitch, but at least I can go to the dentist and they can give me some fake once Anaka still look cool and still survive.  Let me know what y’all do die rather how you the eyelids cut off the scissors or put your teeth out one by one with a wrench.


Would you rather get head or give in?

I think most people would say they’d rather get hit. You know, I’m saying but I like to get it. I’m a virgin. I never did that before but, I mean if I had to choose our education I have no problem getting it. So I ain’t got no problem giving it to a group.