Cute Spanish Nicknames to Call Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Are you bored of calling your partner by the exact same old nicknames? Are you currently searching for a pleasant new nickname for him or her, one that may impress them? If so, then this article is mainly for you personally! Buzzle gives you a set of Spanish nicknames that are adorable to call your girlfriend or boyfriend.
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Let’s face it, though this may be profusely denied by a number of us, all of US love terms of endearment. When you are called by your special someone by pleasant, funny, and adorable nicknames, it allows you to feel ecstatic, and so loved, doesn’t it? And how about those adorable and cheesy nicknames that you have on your partner which define how much you adore himor her? Yet, it is possible that you simply are bored of calling your partner “baby”, or “babe”, or “dear”. What about nicknames in a foreign language?
Spanish is among the very intimate languages on earth, and there’s little doubt that Spanish nicknames to call girlfriend will seem astonishingly intimate, also. Also, in case your partner knows Spanish, she or he is going to get a long time next, as well as to be impressed when you utilize your choice of Spanish nickname for the first time! Hereis the set of nicknames that are Spanish that is adorable that people guaranteed you, along using their significance. Since lots of the names are not unusual for both boyfriend and girlfriend, we’re compiling them all together. Happy choosing!
Angelito (angel), Amado (precious), and Bella (beauty) are some cute Spanish nicknames
~ (Mi) Alma – (my) soul
~ Amado – dear, beloved
~ Amante – lover
~ Amiga – friend (girl)
~ Amigo – friend (boy)
~ Angelito – angel
~ (Mi) Amor Bello – (my) delightful love
~ Cariño – honey, (circumstance: tiny, adorable)
~ (Mi) Chiquillo – (my) kid
~ Chiquito – small one (context: cute)
~ (Mi) Cielo – (my) heavens
Hermoso (handsome), Enamorado (lover), and Tigre (tiger) are fantastic nicknames for your own boyfriend

~ (Mi) Divertido Chica – (my) comical daughter
~ Empanada Dulce – pie that is sweet
~ Esposa – wife
~ Estrella – star
~ Gata – (as cute as) female cat
~ Hechicera – bewitching, beautiful
~ Hermoso – fine
~ (Mi) Hombre – (my) man
~ (Mi) León – (my) lion
~ Lindo -c – brunette
~ Maravilloso – doll
~ Marido – baby
~ Mariposa teddy bear
~ Nene ute
~ Osito – cuddly, – magnificent
~ Pastelito – husband
~ Pedacito de Cielo – small – butterfly
~ (Mi) Perrito – (my) puppy
~ (Mi) Pollito – (my) chick
~ Precioso Mío – my special
~ Principe Hermosa beloved, lover
~ Querido – darling, – handsome prince
~ Rubia – Blond (haired)
~ Sol – sun
~ Tesoro – treasure
~ Tigre – tiger
~ Única – unique
Quick Hint
Loosely interpreted, all these nicknames mean “darling, baby”, or whatever else you call your partner in English. However, do make sure that you explain to your partner what the nickname means, as some might look really odd when literally translated.
We hope we have helped you select what you feel is the most perfect nickname for your own partner! “Buena suerte”! (Good luck!)

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